Canadians Need Cash Too! – A Cash Advance Primer

Just like any other hard-working person, Canadians, too, need a cash advance from time to time. Before getting a cash advance, Canadian borrowers should obtain as much information as possible about the cash advance process. Payday loans may be lifesavers, but be sure you know all the facts before signing on the dotted line.

Canadian cash advances are similar to those offered in the United States, however most American cash advance companies do not allow Canadian residents to participate. As a result, cash advance companies specific to Canadians were created to accommodate needs of the Canadian borrower in need of a cash advance. These companies are similar to those in the USA, but are not offered in all Canadian provinces.

The loan process is actually quite simple. If you are a Canadian and you need extra cash right away, you can apply. Keep in mind, however, that these loans need to be paid off on your next payday. The loan amount usually depends on your income. Typically, a Canadian cash advance will fetch you anywhere from two-hundred to six-hundred dollars per pay period. Canadian cash advance interest rates average around twenty-five percent.

If you are not able to pay off your cash advance by your next payday, you can get another cash advance and roll over the balance. The downside to this method is that the interest accumulates quickly. Twenty-five percent can easily turn into fifty percent in a relatively short period.

When applying for a Canadian cash advance there are some basic criteria which must be met. First, you must be a resident of Canada. Second, you must have an active bank account because the only access to these cash advances is by direct deposit into a working bank account. Most companies require you to have five to seven transactions from that account already. Another requirement is that you must have a working phone. These companies rarely do credit checks, so a working telephone number is one of the few verifications of identity they conduct while at the same time ensuring their ability to contact you if need be.

At the time of application it is usually required that you bring a pay stub. This gives cash advance companies an idea of the amount of money you make and likewise determines your loan amount. For example, the company cannot loan six hundred dollars to you if you make only three hundred dollars per week because, obviously, it would be impossible for you to pay them back in full on your next payday.

Canadian cash advances, like American cash advances can be done within minutes. Some companies advertise loaning money to you in thirty minutes while others guarantee loans within twenty-four hours. Either way, it is much easier to go to your local cash advance company than to go to the bank for a small loan. The lack of credit checks, a simple application process, and speedy results make Canadian cash advances an attractive option for anyone needing quick cash with minimal effort. However, keep in mind that cash advances should only be used as a last resort and never as a routine way of making ends meet.

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